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  • Endings and Beginnings

    18th Dec 2019 by

    2019 may be done, but what a year! Find out what we have planned for 2020.

  • Blogging The Duck: A glimpse into one autistic woman’s world

    10th Jun 2019 by

    You can find out all about our play, The Duck, on our blog, as well as following our playwright, Rhi Lloyd-Williams’ popular website about autism, Where you can find posts such as Ten Things Autism Isn’t and Re-thinking Things Through an Autistic Filter as well as her hugely popular scripted conversations Autscriptic and Autscriptic:… Read more

  • Accessibility

    7th Jun 2019 by

    Here at Autact Theatre CIC we really want to make the theatre experience as accessible as possible to everyone. There are so many things that help autistic people that also make life easier for everyone else. We believe that good accessibility isn’t just about getting people through the door, it’s about welcoming people in. In… Read more

  • Playing at Autism

    4th Sep 2019 by

    by Rhi Lloyd-Williams Two years ago, Jo Loyn and I were sitting in my kitchen in Wales, watching the rain tear at the hills in a stereotypically Welsh way, and enjoying a Summery mug of tea, when she asked me if I’d be interested in writing a play for an actor she wanted to work… Read more

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