Productions: The Duck


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“The Duck” reveals the authentic voice of an autistic woman as she explores what her diagnosis means to her. Rhi Lloyd-Williams (Writer) uses her own autism to create patterns in her writing; making this a beautiful, as well as meaningful, piece of theatre.

Using the idea of being diagnosed a ‘Duck’ instead of that ‘A-Word’ that people so often misunderstand, this is a one-woman play built around story-telling and memories, and designed to make connections between different ways of thinking.

Rhi says, “It can be really difficult to describe autism from the outside; you end up just listing a set of behaviours, which doesn’t really explain anything. There’s nothing like the theatre for communicating an idea and making connections.

“The usual representation of autism is not someone like me. They’re usually children and male. It’s so important that we see autistic women out there too. That representation is vital. We don’t tend to fit the stereotypes quite as neatly, and often spend a lot of time masking and hiding who we really are. This play is about being free to take off that mask and be ourselves. Forget Autism Awareness, this is real Autism Understanding.

Starring the talented Lucy Theobald as The Duck, and Directed by Jo Loyn, we are assured that no ducks were harmed in the production of this Play.

Rhi has even written you a love poem to convince you to come along and you can read reviews from audience members of The Duck Here